About Us

The aim of the School of Philosophy KZN is to help people cultivate a deeper sense of freedom, wisdom and happiness. At the heart of this lies the realization that these qualities are not distant goals, they are our birthright as human beings.
The teachings at the School are inspired by common threads of wisdom which are woven throughout all great religions and philosophies.
The School of Philosophy KZN is part of a world-wide association of organisations, founded in London in the 1930’s.
cultivate a deeper sense of freedom, wisdom and happiness

Age Old Wisdom

The common threads of wisdom that underlie all great religions and philosophies inspire the teachings offered at the school. The school is not a religious organization, however the insights gained from attending the school often serve to enrich and deepen one’s own religion or faith, whatever it may be.

Self Discovery and Growth

The school provides a supportive and encouraging environment for Self-discovery and growth. All are welcome to sample what the school has to offer through the introductory classes, and then continue further with their studies if so inclined.

environment for Self-discovery and growth
practical application of wisdom in daily life

Practical Application of Wisdom

Courses emphasize the practical application of wisdom in daily life, and students are encouraged to question and test ideas for themselves, to determine their practical value.

One's Sense of Self

The freedom and confidence that comes from Self-Knowledge, expands the individual world view, and one’s sense of Self becomes more universal. For students of Philosophy, work on oneself naturally progresses into work with and for others.

freedom and confidence that comes from Self-Knowledge

Structure of the School

The School of Philosophy in Kwazulu-Natal is a registered ‘Not for Profit’ Organization. It is affiliated to the School of Philosophy and Economic Science based in London.

Course fees are used to maintain the school branches where physical meetings are held, and to enable the school to continue offering its courses to as many people as possible. They are kept to a practical minimum.

Most of the work and tuition in the school is undertaken on an unpaid, volunteer basis. Each year members of the school meet at an Annual General Meeting to discuss relevant topics and issues.

Directors are elected, and give of their time freely. Directors are: Duncan Shaw, Sipho Ngobo, Peter Worman, Cynthia Britten-Kelly, Vijay Saligram, Rob Burgess.


Andrew Braithwaite is the Senior Tutor, and leader of the School. He deals with general matters relating to the KZN School, and provides guidance to the School as a whole.

All Tutors continue to be students of philosophy. They are volunteers, who willingly give of their time to pass on what they have learned.

Hear from our local and international tutors:

Local Tutor

International Tutor


Through special projects the School of Philosophy KZN collectively seeks to work and live in such ways so as to serve and enrich the society and world in which we live.

St James School Durban is an independent, co-educational school which offers an holistic education to children from Grade R to Grade 7.

The ethos of the school is based on philosophy principles:

  • Aspiring to excellence and seeing the unity & truth in all things,
  • Mindfulness forms an integral part of each day, which has a positive effect on behaviour and learning. It also assists the development of emotional Intelligence.

"Philosophy has helped me look deeply at the developed and undeveloped me."