Practical Philosophy Intro Course

Would you like weekly inspiration and guidance with practical skills and techniques to help navigate life’s challenges with more wisdom and grace?

You don’t need to have studied philosophy before, all you need is a desire to examine life and enjoy it more fully.


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freedom and confidence that comes from Self-Knowledge

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Courses are held in various locations around KwaZulu-Natal.



Break from incessant activity and habitual doing.



There are many inspirational resources to discover.

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Philosophy Live

Philosophy Live is a series of short, inspiring dialogues, presented weekly on Friday mornings.

The live sessions are recorded and can be watched at any time on the School of Philosophy and Economic Science’s Facebook page.

I have found a safe space in the Philosophy community. The combination of the people, the service, the teaching, and the genuine intimate conversations have enriched my life. My heart is opened in each class attended, and I leave feeling full.

The teachings are incredible, and lead to a beautiful new way of living. I am truly grateful to all that dedicate their time and knowledge to helping others grow.